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Professional Audio & Television Pty Ltd is a leading distributor of broadcast, IT and professional audio equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Our Australian office is located in Hornsby, Sydney and our New Zealand office is in the heart of Auckland.

Here at PAT, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of product support and technical expertise from the first point of contact with any client.

PAT’s teams’ ability to sell, configure, install and commission systems for brands such as LAWO, DSA Volgmann, HiCliff, Audio Technica, ENCO, Genelec, Densitron, AngryAudio, Meinberg, DreamChip, Riedel, Broadcast’IN, Providius, Artel, CyanView, StudioHub, NVIDIA, Allen & Heath, Mobile Viewpoint, RTW, Arista, Qbit, Boland and various other manufacturers provides an opportunity to deliver some of the most complex and functionally-sound broadcast systems in Australia & New Zealand.

We are a small team of high achievers and each team member is highly respected and regarded in their chosen field. To become part of our team, you will not only need to fit in, you will need to bring motivation, determination a positive work ethic that is necessary to drive PAT forward. As a small team, you will need to be an all-rounder who is willing and capable to do what is necessary to get the job done.

PAT offers competitive remuneration relative to your experience you will also enjoy a relaxed and fun work environment. Employees will benefit from further education in the technical field of the broadcast, pro-audio and networking industries. Possible opportunities may also exist for the successful candidate to undergo overseas manufacturer certified training.

We do NOT deal with employment agencies!