At Professional Audio & Television Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on bringing quality products from world class manufacturers to the Australian and New Zealand market.  Backed by our pre and post-sales support network that is second to none, PAT is known for delivering outstanding customer service on behalf of the manufacturers we represent.

Incorporated in 2010 under the previous name of Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd, founder and owner Patrick Salloch (pic upper-right) had the vision to launch a successful broadcast business, and understood what was required to drive one of the most relevant and progressive broadcast solutions providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Having managed and grown various broadcast companies in Asia Pacific prior to starting Professional Audio Technology, Salloch knew the formula to successfully run a broadcast business in Australia was providing unsurpassed customer pre and post-sales service, outstanding engineering resources and only representing high quality brands.

The name was changed to Professional Audio & Television in April 2014 to better reflect PAT’s diversification in the broadcast and entertainment industries. 

In 2016, the success of Professional Audio & Television in Australia opened doors to the fast paced, growing and innovative broadcast market in New Zealand. This opportunity was welcomed by the entire PAT team and provided New Zealanders with access to a whole new range of quality products backed by PAT’s renowned support.

In 2020 when the world was forced to shut its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Professional Audio and Television continued to dig deep and adjusted its support and project delivery capabilities. This provided additional and much needed support to our clients, and enabled a number of large-scale projects to continue, come in on time and in some cases, under budget.

Coming out of the pandemic, it was clear to Patrick that further investment in the NZ market was required. This came in 2022 with the appointment of Kiwi and career broadcaster, Mike Heard (pic lower-right). Based in Auckland, Mike bridges the gap between engineering and sales for the company as Senior Solutions Architect, while also being involved in project management and of course guiding the company’s technology decisions. Mike has delivered cutting edge projects and solutions throughout his 25-year career in broadcast and has been instrumental in delivering one of the largest ST2110 projects in New Zealand.  He understands what it takes to create compelling and relevant content and has a genuine love for broadcast and music.

While audio and radio have and always will be part of the core business, PAT also specialises in the supply of custom control solutions, television IP infrastructure products, IP network fabrics for broadcast as well as Automation and News solutions.

The overall success of PAT to date is due to the fantastic team of people we have working in our company.  Our team is passionate about the products we sell, the projects and outstanding customer service we deliver as well as enjoying a good laugh and fun along the way.  We understand that the longevity of our business depends on how we resolve issues today.  We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with our manufacturers and customers, and strongly believe that customer satisfaction is guaranteed when we are part of the customers technical decision making process.

We provide our end users and integrators with detailed knowledge of the broadcast and pro audio industries, gained from years of experience and continuous training on the latest technologies. Our technical staff are factory trained by our manufacturers.

We spend time in the pre-sales process, building relationships in order to best understand the needs and requirements of the customer, allowing us to provide the right solution with a realistic time-frame and within any budgetary constraints.  All the while, the customer is assured the very latest in quality technical solutions, and can always rely on exceptional customer service.

From large-scale installations, including comprehensive on-site training and extended system warranties, to small-scale supply of task specific units, Professional Audio & Television is able to tailor a solution that is practical, affordable and most importantly, technically sound for your business needs.

We continue to build our arsenal of distinguished brands, providing the media and entertainment market with a very impressive range of IP switches, audio consoles, video and audio routing and processing solutions such as up/down, cross conversion, Multiviewers, audio and video monitors, automation solutions and workflow control systems.  Our glowing reference list continues to grow.

 Over the years, PAT has received various distinguished awards, honouring us for our commitment, dedication and delivery of world-class technical solutions in Australia and New Zealand.  We believe we have won these awards because of our close cooperation with our customers and our manufacturers.  This is a crucial part of our collaborative sales approach to make sure that customers end up with outstanding technology solutions to propel their business well into the future.