StudioHub is back.

The Cat-5 cable is amazingly versatile. While its most common application is computer networking, it also makes an ideal audio cable. The RJ45 connector is compact and easy to use. The twisted wiring pairs are perfect for balanced analog or digital (AES/EBU) audio.

StudioHub pioneered this idea more than 15 years ago and quickly became the defacto standard. Today, thousands of radio plants around the world rely on StudioHub wiring infrastructure. In July 2019, manufacturing of the dependable CAT5 cables and adapters ceased with Radio Systems returning to their roots as distributors and systems integrators.

With engineers, consultants and integrators wondering “How will I wire my studio’s now?”, and thousands of engineers and facilities depending on the StudioHub products angst through the industry was widespread.

Today, Michael ‘Catfish’ Dosch of Angry Audio has taken up the opportunity to continue the StudioHub product line, re establishing production with the original factory, ensuring continued high quality¬† products broadcasters and installers have come to rely on.

Initial production runs included of the most common cables and adapters, closely followed by enquiries across the StudioHub accessories range. As production continues the StudioHub range availability will continue to increase.