For 50 years, RTW from Cologne Germany has accompanied the steady technological progress in the pro-audio industry with innovative instruments and technologies for visual audio monitoring in broadcast, production, post-production, and quality control. Whether audio metering, loudness metering, or signal monitoring, RTW’s state-of-the-art systems are the result of a future-oriented strategic approach that focuses on continuous development while putting maximum attention to reliability and protecting their clients investments.

In 1965, RTW was founded as a specialist service provider for audio equipment.  During the following years, the company became a dedicated audio-systems developer and a key vendor of professional broadcast and audio-metering equipment.  Andreas Tweitmann took over RTW in 2007 and is now CEO of the company.

From the RTW Peakmeter featuring the famous gas plasma tube that started RTW’s overwhelming success in radio and TV studios all over the world in the 1970’s to the TouchMonitor range incorporating a top-notch loudness system, RTW has again and again succeeded in setting new standards in terms of perfection and precision for the entire industry.  Milestone products include the internationally acclaimed Surround Sound Analyzer providing intuitive surround visualisation as well as the SurroundControl 31900/31960 featuring an integrated monitoring controller, a 3G SDI de-embedder, and a Dolby® decoder for seamless integration into the production workflows of modern broadcasting and TV studios.

The TouchMonitor range truly marks a paradigm shift in visual audio monitoring and loudness metering. The TM7 and TM9 units are the essence of many years of experience. They combine maximum flexibility and modularity with an intuitive touch-enabled surface and multichannel signal analysis. The new ergonomic TouchMonitor concept is touchscreen-based and offers unprecedented freedom in arranging and scaling user-interface controls. Today, virtually all major mixing-console vendors implement OEM versions of the TM7 or TM9 on their products. And the TM3 opens new markets for RTW: This attractively priced entry-level product featuring a 4.3″ touchscreen with pro-grade loudness, true peak, and PPM metering functions transfers the TouchMonitor concept into a more compact metering solution for journalist cubicles, edit suits, and small control rooms.

RTW has also made significant contributions to the introduction of mandatory standards for loudness metering and control: They not only offer the right products that allow the pro-audio industry to meet current and future standards but also have actively co-developed those standards themselves.  Michael Kahsnitz, head of product management at RTW, is a member of the EBU’s PLOUD group that has developed binding loudness-management standards.

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