Dream Chip have long been known as the leading manufacturer for small form factor cameras for special applications. Their ‘ATOM one’ range of cameras has provided viewers with pictures inside of hockey goals, reality shows and many other places where a standard broadcast camera would either be too intrusive or space would just not allow it. Dream Chip has managed to develop a product range of cameras, which not only impress based on their size, but certainly provide broadcast quality pictures – even underwater. Now, Dream Chip have done it again with the recent release of the ‘ATOM one SSM500’ a super slow-motion camera, which offers up to 500fps at 1080i50 and can record on its internal memory chip or be integrated into your EVS workflow. As well as the ATOM one family of small footprint professional cameras, Dream Chip is also behind the highly successful Barracuda range of low latency H265 Codecs via 4G/5G, WLAN or Gigabit Ethernet, offering up to 5 bi-directional SDI ports, supporting interlaced and progressive video formats as well as AAC and PCM audio streaming. All Dream Chip products are designed and manufactured in Germany, offering the highest manufacturing quality to their customers worldwide.