For more than 30 years, Artel Video Systems has been a leading global provider of broadcast-quality media transport solutions for direct fibre, IP, and managed optical networks. A pioneer in the industry, Artel developed the Quarra product range of IP switches. Designed for broadcast and enterprise IT applications in which accurate timing and control are required. Artel’s Quarra family of PTP-aware managed IP switches offer accurate IEEE 1588-compliant timing and synchronization. Artel’s Quarra switches are RAVENNA AES67-approved, Dante- and QSC-tested.

Audio and video signals have always depended on precise synchronization along the entire delivery chain from camera to consumer display, whether in analog, digital or compressed formats. Timing drives every aspect of signal delivery, particularly synchronizing video to audio to achieve “lip sync.”

With the transition to IP networks for all aspects of the signal processing path, accurate timing becomes more difficult, due to the fundamentally asynchronous, non-deterministic nature of packet-based networks. Fortunately, a solution is available, in the form of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP). When used properly, this technology can synchronize device clocks to within nanoseconds across a large network with many hundreds of nodes. When these clocks are derived from GPS (Global Positioning System) signals, PTP can provide a very accurate and stable timebase for all types of signals within modern media operations.

The Quarra line of PTP IP solutions compliment Artel’s media delivery portfolio offering end users an excellent solution set for delivering real-time media IP networks.  As the broadcast industry continues to migrate toward all-IP networks, providing reliable solutions to manage IP-based workflows becomes paramount to maintaining efficiencies and ensuring the delivery of mission-critical multimedia streams.

The Quarra PTP Ethernet switches provide leading-edge precision timing protocol switch technologies and have become de-facto standards for the AES67/ SMPTE ST-2059-2 (IEEE1588) audio market interoperates with out solutions meeting the proposed SMPTE 2110 video standards.

The Quarra can serve as the PTP master clock in your system design, qualifying the best master clock algorithm and making it possible to tweak the timing performance of your AES67/ST 2110-30 audio devices with tremendous accuracy. By establishing a PTP boundary, the Quarra enables vital segmentation of the network to keep traffic negotiation under control. Quarra’s Ethernet connections support 100 Mbps throughput to allow many small edge devices to move large amounts of data with accurate PTP synchronization. We recommend Artel’s Quarra switches to our customers for these 6 reasons:

  • PTP boundary: Segmentation of a broadcast network is vital. With the Quarra, you can keep the negotiation traffic under control.
  • Ethernet: SFP connections can add extra cost to audio infrastructures. Ethernet connections that support 100 Mb/s connections allow a number of small edge devices to move large amounts of data with accurate PTP synchronization.
  • Rock Solid IGMP: Supporting all versions of IGMP allow seamless joins of senders and receivers.
  • Size: The 10 port version allows us to leaf to more places with less cable.
  • Lighting fast recovery time. 18 seconds VS 3 minutes… seriously!
  • World-class support: Artel provides outstanding support to all of their clients!

Professional Audio & Television are an authorised Artel Quarra reseller for Australia and New Zealand. We hold demo stock and can provide obligation free demonstrations or provide loan equipment for you to ‘try before you buy’. For further information please contact the PAT office.